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Meet the Founders



Geniese is an expert organizer with extensive experience and specialized know-how. Home & Office Organizers came to life from her obsession with organization. She believes what really sets Home & Office Organizers apart from the rest of the industry is catering to the unique needs of each client.

"I grew up in a home that was highly disorganized and constantly cluttered. As a child, it was stressful because I could never find anything I was looking for and I was embarrassed to have friends over. My obsession with organization stems from my childhood realization that lack of organization impacts every aspect of our lives. Is it is my true joy and passion to not only give our clients organized spaces in their homes, but also creating unique systems that create organization in their lives."

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Tatyana is a master organizer with over 10 years working in professional organization. Her previous career entailed working in accounting where she met Geniese and formed Home & Office Organizers from a similar vision to bring order, fashion and a unique organizing aesthetic to their clients lives.

"I have always been a detail oriented person which led me to my career in accounting. My strong attention to detail allows me to bring an element of perfection to our clients projects. While I thoroughly enjoyed working in accounting throughout my career, I felt another calling in helping people bring order to their lives. Order is in the details and this is where we shine in delivering an upscale, organizing service. Organization in our lives, starts with order in our homes."

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